Jimena Cugat studied architecture. The early years as an architect led her into different jobs

assisting in theaters as a stage designer and onto several film sets as a set designer and set constructor.

Jimena later attended Zürich University of the Arts for a master in theater emphasizing in art direction.

She works as a stage designer, set designer and costume designer.

Jimena Cugat works as a production designer, a costume designer and as a stage designer. The range of work she has done for film includes narrative short films, commercial image films and a first feature film premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in July 2019, «Parents». On the other hand she designs performance spaces and stages.
She lives in Switzerland, where she studied architecture at ETH Zurich. The early years as an architect led her onto several film sets working as a set constructor in Barcelona and Zurich, and as a stage design assistant at Volksbühne Berlin. In Berlin she assisted the danish theatre group SIGNA, at planning a gambling club space for their performance piece «Club Inferno» in a
25-room-space. This was a key experience to Jimena’s approach as a designer for performance. Jimena returned to Switzerland to pursue a year of assistance at Bern city theatre, before entering the theatre class at Zurich university of the arts (ZHdK) in 2014 for a master’s degree in art direction.
In Bern she enjoyed the work with the choreographers experimenting with multi-media and light. Growing up in a strongly
mtv-influenced environment, videoclips build a strong basis of Jimena’s aesthetical preferences.
At art university she quickly met film students and started collaborating in short films.
She has recently worked on several short films, which are currently touring festivals, such as german-brazilian Fabiana Serpa’s period short «Therese», for which Jimena could join production company ParanoidBR, contributing with production design and costumes;
the multiple awarded short by David Oesch and Remo Rickenbacher «Dead Animals», where she designed the costumes;
also Michael Karrer’s short «Line 34, 22:47», shot entirely in a bus in one sequence, in which Jimena could do production design, has been premiered in autumn 2019, winning best Swiss short at Winterthur Short Film Festival.

Selection of works:

2020 «Quaderno di Strada»
music theatre directed by Mathias Rebstock, HKB music department
2020 «Nothing is quite as it may seem»
Fashion Film by Anique Wild, production design
2019 «Parents» Film by Ruth Schweikert + Eric Bergkraut, p.s 72 productions, production design + costumes
2019 «Am Horizont» theatre piece with Theater Kanton Bern directed by Antonia Brix, stage design + costumes
2019 «Line 34, 22:47» Short by Michael Karrer, ZHdK production, production design
2019 «Happy Birthday» Short by Lisa Gertsch, ZHdK production, production design
2019 «Niculina» theatre piece by Tabula Rasa with Renate Adam, stage design + costumes
2019 «Dead Animals» Short by David Oesch + Remo Rickenbacher, das alte Lager production, costumes
2019 «Grimbart» Short by Daniel Grabherr, ZHdK production, production design
2018 Image film for Craft Worldwide by Takuro Takeuchi, production design
2018 «Therese» Short by Fabiana Serpa, production Paranoid BR, production design + costumes
2018 Image film for Blatthirsch agency by Chanelle Eidenbenz, production design + costumes
2018 «Wolfchild» dance piece by Kollektiv F, stage design + costumes in collaboration with Barbara Pfyffer
2018 «Geister sind auch nur Menschen» directed by Doris Strütt, Kellertheater Winterthur, stage design
2017/18 «Tintagiles’ death» with Digitalbühne Zurich(400asa), Fabriktheater + Kaserne Basel, stage design + lights
2017 «STRM» weather performance with Annie Rüfenacht, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich
2017 «Simelibaerg» Short by Seraina Scherini, ZHdK production, production design + costumes
2016 «White Rabbit Club» narrative installation, ZHdK production, concept + art direction
2015 «Peer Gynt» with Junges Theater Biel, directed by Denis Scheurmann, stage design + costumes
2015 «Freedom Club or Ted Kaczynski was a friend of mine» with Freedom Club, art direction
2014 «CUT» short dance pieces by members of the dance company Konzert Theater Bern, stage design
2014 «Deep in the dark Woods» piece directed by Mario Matthias, Konzert Theater Bern, stage design
2014/15 stage design assistant at Konzert Theater Bern
2014 «Sparrows and Snorkels» Short by Elena Brotschi, ZHdK production, set design
2013 «call the police» animated videoclip by Adrian Aeschbacher, set design + props
2013 «Mountain Glory» piece by Markus Gerber, Gessnerallee Zurich, stage design assistant
2012/13 «Club Inferno» Performance by SIGNA, Volksbühne Berlin, stage design assistant
2011 «Hibernation» Short by Jon M. Caballero, Ainur Films, production design assistant + set constructor


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